More and more nokia users, gradually abandoned Symbian system, turning to iPhone, if you are one of them, I think you will certainly encounter a problem, that is how to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone. This article provide a good solution. That is using a Mobile Transfer or Mobile Transfer for Mac, which can help you to transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music from Nokia to iPhone in one click, can solve a series of problems for turning to new iPhone, save your a lot of time.

You can click download button to download it.

Free try Phone Data Transfer   Free try Phone Data Transfer

Step 1. Run this phone transfer

To get started, install and run this phone transfer on your computer. The primary window will be shown on your computer screen. Select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” Mode.

transfer nokia contacts to iphone, contacts from nokia to iphone

Note: Wondershare MobileTrans use iTunes interface. Thus, to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone, you must install iTunes on your computer. But, if you move contacts between Nokia and Android, you don’t need to install iTunes.

Step 2. Connect your Nokia and iPhone to the PC

Then, connect your Nokia phone and iPhone with your PC via USB cables at the same time. After detected by this phone transfer tool, your Nokia phone will be displayed in the left, while your iPhone in the right. Otherwise, you can simply click “Flip” to change the place when your Nokia phone is located in the right.

If your iPhone is full of many unimportant contacts, you can erase your iPhone contacts by ticking off “Clear data before copy”.

transfer contacts from nokia to iphone

Step 3. Copy contacts from Nokia to iPhone

As you see, contacts, photos, text messages and music are all ticked off. To copy contacts, you should uncheck text messages, photos and music. Then click “Start Copy”. This phone transfer begins to transfer contacts. During contacts transferring, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.

transfer contacts from nokia to iphone

Well done! Your Nokia contacts have been already on your iPhone. The tutorial is simple, isn’t it?

Indeed, Wondershare MobileTrans supports transferring contacts, call logs, text messages, photos, music, videos and apps between Android phones and tablets. With 1 click, all data will be transferred. Therefore, why not download it to have a try?

See people asked:

1. How can I transfer contacts from nokia to iphone?
Are there any other easier ways to transfer phone contacs from nokia to iphone. Do I have to transfer them firstable on the pc and after that to the iphone and how do I do that … Please help :) Thank you – Lina

2. How to get my contacts from my Nokia to iPhone?
I have got an iPhone for Christmas and was hoping there was a way to transfer my contacts from my Nokia C3-00 to the new iPhone 5 – Elliott Beamish

3. How to transfer contacts between Nokia and iPhone? How can I get my contacts transferred from my Nokia E 73 to my IPhone3G – JO

4. How to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone? Not only a Nokia phone but it can also be an android phone too. – Kunal

Why not download it and have a try by yourself?

Free try Phone Data Transfer   Free try Phone Data Transfer

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